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A experiência
Lorena Gómez invites you to attend the grand finale of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’

Meet Lorena at the grand finale of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ 

Lorena Gómez has made a comeback, appearing on the 5th edition of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’, the most viewed the TV show on friday evening.

A night full of emotions

Lorena Gomez invites you to the most magical and exciting night of Tu Cara Me Suena, where you’ll meet each other, spend some time and take lots of pictures together. All this, from a privileged point of view so you can watch the show without losing a single detail.

Leukemia will be a 100% curable disease

With your entry, apart from having the chance to meet Lorena Gómez at the grand finale of Tu Cara Me Suena and spend some time together, you’ll be supporting the Josep Carreras Foundation and their fight against leukemia.

Participe e consiga seu presente sempre
Participa comprando tickets, quanto mais você participe, mais possibilidades você terá de ganhar. Junte-se a este sorteio e consiga um prêmio sempre. ¡Boa sorte!
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Lorena Gómez will send you an E-Card to express her gratitude for your involvement and solidarity.
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You deserve a gift like this: an exclusive poster signed by Lorena Gómez.
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Lorena Gómez will be very thankful for your participation and solidarity, she’ll tell you in a video.
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Lorena Gómez thanks you for participating and you can download her new single.
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Lorena Gómez is happy to see that you have entered the charity sweepstake, she’ll send you a limited edition T-shirt designed exclusively for this campaign.
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Your contribution deserves Lorena’s exclusive video, a T-shirt, and a digital download of her upcoming single.
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100 participações
Write a sentence or a fragment of your favourite song and Lorena will play it in a unique and customized video.
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You can go shopping with Lorena. The singer will give you some tips about fashion and make-up.
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400 participações
Enjoy watching a FCB game from a VIP seat with Lorena Gómez. Date of game to be agreed.
Compartilhe e ganhe
Faça o mundo participar com a sua generosidade. Compartilhe este sorteio com seus amigos e ganhe mais 3 participações
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Minimum 18 years old for participation.
✓ Once the data for booking airline/train tickets and hotel accommodation is provided, it cannot be modified.
✓ The
random drawing will be carried out on February 20 at 11:00AM (GMT+1) by an independent third party, the winner will be informed today by e-mail and also published in our social networks.
✓ Donation gifts will be shipped at the end of the campaign, within 4-8 weeks after the closing date and may be sent in different packages.
The shipping costs will be charged at the time of shipment and to the same payment method used for the purchase of the perk. The maximum amount per shipment will be $15.
✓ The winner and his/her companion will have to pass a security check before meeting Lorena Gómez.
The exact date will be agreed according one week before grand finale.
Both One day with Lorena’ and  Watch a FCB game with Lorena’  will take place in Barcelona. Transportation and extra expenses (including purchases) must be paid by the participant. The Tickets to watch the FCB game are included in the Perk.
✓ To participate in the sweepstake without making a donation, send the information mentioned here by certified mail. The letter has to arrive before the closing date of the campaign.

Meet Lorena at the grand finale of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’